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What we do


In a market that constantly changes, we have decided to focus on 3 main cores which give our clients the full advertising suite.

Expending your app’s user base is complicated. Our performance team will help you define your campaign’s reach, budget, audiences and most importantly it’s risk free – You only pay for actual users that answer your predefined KPIs.

We provide a full range of solutions for app developers across the mobile advertising ecosystem. That means we know how to drive any type of user acquisition for mobile apps - we help indie app developers get new apps ranked in the app store while helping some of the biggest apps in the world to find quality incremental volume.

Using our expertise, you will be able to have an ROI efficient campaign with minimum effort and time spent - We are an external partner that feels like an internal team. Let us do the hard work for you!

JudoAds Video Department helps advertisers connect to the right audience at the right time using our programmatic solutions. As we believe there is no replacement to hard human work, we have created our own algorithm using both technology and letting our campaign analysts deep dive in to the campaigns performance in order to fit our advertisers needs and achieve KPI goals, whilst giving our publishers top revenues for their domains and maintaining a high ROI for all parties involved. For advertisers we offer our expertise to maximize ROI on video campaigns by connecting just the right inventory at the right amount. We offer different targeting measures in order to achieve the campaign KPI’s and beyond. We have over 15B opportunities a month for all video channels (web, In-app, desktop). For publishers we help to generate high revenue on all video formats (Web, In-app, Desktop) by connecting the right advertisers to your inventory whilst maintaining high fill rate and competitive CPM’s.

We believe in AdTech. Our development team is working tightly with our campaign management team to make sure every campaign is vetted, optimized and handled correctly.

With several years of experience in performance and video marketing we now offer a campaign management tool-kit with features such as API integration engine, big data analysis, automated traffic rules and much more.

Our proprietary platform enables us to get real time updates on campaigns, expand their reach, block fraudulent users and get the best ROI based on your pre-defined KPIs.

Meet some of our Team

Our ninjas are accurate, fearless and fully devoted to the success of your campaign.


Uri Avron

Head of Develpoment

Yonatan Hazut

Head of Publishers Relations

Elad Ofer

Account Manager

Lotem Amram

Head of Video Dep.

Ron Fischer

Accounting Team

Maya Kfir

Account Manager

Inbal Avivi

Account Manager

Noa Liron

Account Manager

Itay Roll

Web Developer

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